St. Stephen's Church


Anson school is next to St. Stephen's Church in Great Haywood and we make sure we visit at the beginning and end of every term and on many occasions in between!

We are happy to be part of St. Stephen's Church family and enjoy the services we attend. Our children tell us they appreciate the quiet times in church when they can "think things through in your head" and "You can speak to God and you don't have to share it with anyone else."

As well as taking the regular church services at St. Stephen's, Reverends Pam and Steve are friends to our school and come in regularly to see us or take worship.

Every member of the school community follows Christian values and help our children grow up with a strong moral Christian code. To help our Foundation Stage pupils when they begin at our school, they are welcomed and supported in the school by our eldest pupils, linked as 'prayer partners' for collective worship in school and at church. Pupils are also able to spend quiet time in prayer and contemplation in our 'Space for the Spirit' 



Our Christian Values

  Love, Friendship, Respect 

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Honesty     Love    Integrity     Caring

   Forgiveness     Faithfulness    Justice