Eco Council 


Welcome to a section on the school’s website dedicated to our environmental work in and around the school. We believe that by raising awareness of the benefits and promoting the use and enjoyment of the natural environment, we can also encourage and highlight the need for its care.

Eco Council Mission Statement
Anson's Eco Council tries to encourage every pupil in our school to care for our environment. The council will help everyone to do this through giving information and by setting a good example. We will help pupils take part in council meetings where everyone can contribute ideas and opinions. We want to make the world a better place and encourage pupils to become happy, healthy responsible citizens. We want to make our school a fun place to learn and grow.


Eco Council Meetings 

We meet every week with Mrs Hayward to discuss any new ideas that we have. Our current project is to research bees and deliver a whole school assembly on how important bees are to our world and food production and what we can do to keep them safe. 
We regularly check that the vegetable patches and flower beds are watered so we can grow our own Anson veg. We also check that lights, screens and computers are switched off when not being used, to help save electricity. 


Here’s a picture of our Eco Council members watering our plants. 


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