Design and Techology

Children enjoy making things and this enthusiasm has been harnessed by actively involving them in Design and Technology activities.  Our aim is to improve their understanding of the technological world in which they live by providing opportunities for the children to think, reason, plan, make and evaluate.  Our school is well equipped and children are taught how to use safely a variety of material, tools and processes to design and make products.  Display of children’s work is used as an integral part of supporting and developing Design and Technology activity in our school.

The children will also acquire skills to articulate and communicate ideas, opinions and also feelings about their own work and the work of other children in a constructive way. Within design and technology children will also know and understand the work and contribution made by other craft workers and designers. Children will be able to respond to that work thoughtfully, critically and imaginatively to broaden their own personal subject knowledge. Children will be given the opportunities to produce work, products and models both independently, in pairs or within a group.